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A few years back we wrote a few articles about using the Linux kernel to set audio hardware parameters inside a virtual console using the Virtual Audio Cable (VAC). One question we got asked on Twitter was, “can this work with a hardware device?”

The short answer is, you can, if you know what you are doing and don’t have a kernel hookup to your video device.

The best way to do that is to use a virtual audio cable with a kernel hookup.

The “hardware device” we usually talk about is the GPU of an X server. This article does discuss how to hook the GPU to use an external cable for VAC audio parameters (e.g, by using the NVIDIA Control Panel.)

The question of “can this work?” will probably appear several times in future articles. Let’s look at how we do it and figure out the most important things to consider.

Step 1 – Finding a Video Device

Some devices will need to be plugged into the same PCI bus as your video card. Others may require only video to function correctly.

In our example, we are using the NVIDIA Radeon HD 4450 / 5970 GPU via NVIDIA video cables. Most cards will operate with 1-2 video outputs.

For those in doubt, simply plug the video cable into the PCI bus, and look for your Video device listed under Hardware/Video Card .

Step 2 – Setting the VAC Settings

The easiest way to set VAC settings for your video card is to start it with the NVIDIA control panel software. (We use the driver from Catalyst 14.1 Beta to emulate.)

Start your graphics driver for your video card. If it is not installed through the NVIDIA control panel software, check in the driver management console for the path. If it is not present, enter the following command to see if you have it installed:

cat /sys/kernel/i915/fbc.ko

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You may get some errors, but eventually you should get VAC set up, as described in the NVIDIA control panel documentation.

Once the VAC settings are set (and your desktop environment is configured), you should use the card (with the graphics driver installed) to play your favorite games.

Step 3 – Configuring VAC

Once VAC has been set up, it is important that you do not go back to normal desktop

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