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In a recent article, the BBC summed up a number of factors into a simple list: “We’re now so used to a DSLR that a newbie with a good camera is a huge asset.”

So it makes sense why camera manufacturers tend to develop cameras specifically for making film. But what does that mean for other genres?

There are two important differences in filmmaking styles: first, a camera’s power output can be more important than its resolution and resolution tends to come out as the most important issue. Even if you see it as a minor aspect, it can play a key role in directing. Second, because of the camera’s size and weight, it becomes a more difficult lens to carry for long. If you’re only shooting in slow motion you might only really need a single lens. But if you want to shoot something like action or horror with something like a macro lens then you might need a large mirror and lens set-up and that’s pretty much out of the question.

For this post I’ll focus on a range of cinema cameras – from super-professional, compact, mediums and smalls such as the Canon Rebel, to entry-level, full-frame camera systems like the Nikon D6k. All of these have their pros and cons when it comes to shooting the same genre of material.

The first thing you need to know before getting into a camera is whether the image quality you want will be available through your chosen DSLR or through the cheaper but more versatile option available via your smartphone. As such I’ll compare three different smartphones to the two above: the Sony Alpha A7 III (for full size format) or the Samsung Galaxy S4 (for medium format), with each having their pros and cons.

There’s no such thing as a perfect camera

As you can see in this comparison image I didn’t go for the best quality image available – that’s how the other two comparison images were shot. So, before choosing a camera, you need to work out what it will deliver for the particular genre of film you’re filming.

Note: this comparison will be based upon the cameras used at the time of writing. So, the camera used by a producer in this comparison may not work the same way as the camera used by a director in a different genre.

Canon Rebel T5i vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Canon can make a camera that can produce better images than its smaller rivals, such as the X5

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