Is video editing a good career? – Video Production Training

With over 30 million subscribers, YouTube has the capability to help many people who want to make a career out of their passion.

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The video studio industry is highly competitive, with the big YouTube stars earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (which, considering YouTube’s recent acquisition of Maker Studios, seems like a pretty huge profit).

So how good is video editing, really?

There’s a big difference between the ability to edit in Premiere and a good plugin or an advanced editing system like After Effects or After Effects Pro.

And that’s why the ability to edit in Premiere is still king.

To begin to make a good living from video editing, you simply need to know your stuff and have a good workflow.

I’ve written an article that talks about the basic steps of learning to edit in video.

And that article’s got tons of free resources.

But the best free resources for getting started in video editing is to download and use the “Video Editing Secrets,” free video production files that I’ve gathered over the years of working in the video editing community.

(But of course, you can read my article on “Learning to edit in Premiere” if you’re an advanced video editor — because that article also outlines the process I use to make a good living from video editing.)

I’ll be launching a video training course that teaches you to edit in Premiere — in just under a week.

The course is called “VFX: The Power and Magic of Premiere” and it’s going to teach everything you need to know to get started in video editing. If you’d like to attend and listen to the whole course — then make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel now. You can also watch it right on

In the meantime, here are some other great resources for learning to edit in Premiere:

For a free tutorial on how to use a GoPro-style camera for video production, check out this piece about how to use professional drone cameras along with a tutorial on how to import that footage into your video editing software.

I’ve also created a video on creating a video production workflow using only VST plugins, a bit more detailed and in depth than the one I had above.

The only problem is that it’s a video training and you might not be able to watch it fast enough for you to start working immediately.

The short version is that I’m going

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