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Can you set a background in the background when playing the video and when leaving the video.

What video resolution? It is up to you. For example, YouTube allows you to choose 720p, but Netflix would like you to stick with 1080p.

Can you disable video overlay on some types of videos? You can play it even if it isn’t connected to YouTube.

If you want to add/subtract/insert the audio, you’ll need a tool like FreeACDS. If you’re trying it without the tool, just play them backwards with a headset, and you won’t need the tool.

How big does the camera module get?

Like it or not, the camera module in your phone will get more pixels that the camera sensor size. In other words, on some phones camera will get bigger and bigger, whereas on others they don’t get bigger. Your camera module will get bigger every time.

To fix this situation in Android, you can increase the max pixels in your camera. Here’s how to do it.

Make a small modification to your camera app. For instance, if you are using Samsung Nexus Camera, make it go back to default resolution, and if you are using Samsung Galaxy Camera or Sony Xperia Camera (or any other Camera app of the same class), go back to 960 pixels per inch. That’s all.

You can download the free Android camera calibration tool app, or you can write a quick tutorial and link to it. Read more about it here (PDF).

Can I use camera apps on my Samsung Galaxy?

Yes. You can use any of them for recording video, photos and more. Here’s a list of most popular apps for taking photos or videos.

Can I use video recording on my Verizon Galaxy device?

Learn the basics of editing videosSee the lesson here for ...
Yes. The free version, or the paid version with advertisements, is just that, a free version. You can have unlimited video recording with no restrictions. Here is how to do it. Note that Verizon doesn’t allow the video to be taken on mobile networks or internet. It’s only used on mobile.

What kind of cameras do I need to buy?

For example, if you want to record video in portrait mode, you will need a camera with higher ISO or better sensors, such as a DSLR from a Canon, Nikon or Leica. Otherwise, you can use your smartphone and use a good quality selfie cam.

Will my pictures get

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