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Why do so many people say they’re getting “a little too comfortable” on Reddit?

You’re probably not alone. The site was invented by a man named /u/spez, and since then, it’s become the go-to place for internet “experts” and “experts” like itself to be interviewed, and to ask questions. But is it good?

The subreddit’s biggest complaint, in fact — the reason for the exodus and why some are moving on — is that people are becoming a little too comfortable or comfortable with what the site is providing.

For example, you may think you’re watching the most entertaining, well-rounded content on the internet — like the Reddit Show — but that may not be the case, according to the subreddit’s moderators.

That’s because certain communities have become overly “self-indulgent,” with “excessive” discussion and “excessive” pictures taken that are meant to be uploaded to popular channels.

In some cases, people post pictures that they don’t care about, and the ones that get upvoted are more often todo items like drinking whiskey or having a conversation with someone in a foreign country, according to /r/Reddit.

“One of the main issues people are experiencing right now and have complained about for years or even decades is the subreddit has become a place where people are putting pictures they don’t care about on ‘all the good stuff’.”

And, according to some of the moderators, it’s not a coincidence. They say that in an ideal world, they would moderate comments that would actually be funny and helpful, but the site is very popular for just the opposite.

“Reddit was founded by a group of college friends that really wanted to be a place for people to come and discuss how to beat death or just to discuss various issues,” the moderator of /r/TheRedPill, the largest and largest discussion area on the site, writes. “They didn’t want a place where you could actually get what you wanted and instead they created a place where they could express themselves to each other, get the opinions of the vast majority of users that were all on the same page and create a place where there would be nothing but good and bad experiences.”

The fact is, the reason that people gravitate towards certain subs and communities can’t be explained by “trends,” but rather the content on what they find.

What is Reddit’s

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