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The only way to prevent the Trump Administration from continuing the Obama administration’s war on the climate and people is to organize, rally and make the case for the climate action needed to stop the war. Join the Movement to Save the Planet in October. This November, take the same action in every state.

The Obama administration has already launched an assault on the Climate Justice Agenda (CJEA), a strategy of using climate science denial to shut down the Climate Justice Plan. The State Department has gone so far as to deny or remove climate specific language from environmental, clean air and water and public health protections.

President Trump can’t get away with his attacks on the climate, because the Democratic party controls not just Congress but also several state governments.

We need to organize our communities, bring people together through shared struggles, and make sure state and local voters in swing states have the information they need to make the vote matter.

It’s all on the ballot this November.

As leaders of cities and cities groups around the country, we’re going to have the tools to make the fight even stronger.

We’ll mobilize on the ballot to take back control of the state legislature and the legislature and governor’s mansions for cities. We’ll help organize hundreds of thousands who are fighting to protect the EPA, to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and to block fracking. We’ll mobilize to get the word out, with local, state and national campaigns.

The Movement to Save the Planet has a number of tools at our disposal:

Get your city on the ballot

You can run your city in the next year. There are three groups working to do that. Our first group works with cities in the Twin Cities region including Minneapolis, Saint Paul and all surrounding states.

The second group is working statewide in Minnesota. Here we’ve been able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people. Now we’re targeting voters in a handful of states: Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, and Wisconsin — to the extent that we can reach them at all.

The third group, called MoveOn, is a network of progressive leaders and activists with hundreds of offices across the country. Working with MoveOn, we have dozens of chapters around the country and are able to leverage our resources to get your city on the ballot. In fact, this year, the coalition

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