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Video editors are the professionals who transform video footage into film for filmmaking. Video editors create the final film that you see at an event or in a film festival. They use a computer program to convert audio into video while editing is done by the computer program. A video editor also uses a video camera to capture the movie and deliver to a video distribution company that’s then sold to theater owners and home cinemas.

In order to view some of our video tutorials, you’ll need a video camera. A camera has the functions of providing video and audio to the computer and also capturing live-action images.

What you’ll learn in this tutorial

How to use Lightroom and Adobe Premiere to make a video tutorial

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What are some things you’ll need?

You’ll need two things to learn this video tutorial: a webcam and a program called Lightroom CC, which you can download from Adobe’s software marketplace. You must have a Windows PC and a Linux computer to learn this video tutorial.

The webcam you’ll need is a Google Hangouts or Facebook video chat application. We’ll be using Google Hangouts. On Chrome on OSX and iOS, you’ll get this free, open source Chrome App. On Android, you can get a free YouTube video app.

Why did you set up your webcam before you learn how to make a video tutorial? Because we’re going to make a tutorial that does not require setting up the video chat program, for example, to make a video tutorial on Hangouts or to have the webcam capture footage in your video editing program. If you are going to use the webcam in your video editing process on Microsoft Windows, you’ll need to set up a webcam for Windows that has built-in Skype. (For example, the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system comes with its own webcam, so you don’t need to set it up.)

In Lightroom CC, you start by importing a video that will be used to illustrate, along with the metadata for it. Lightroom will display the file on a browser window and allow you to edit your image and select settings. This gives you a very intuitive way to learn some of the basic features of Lightroom so you can begin making your own, professional video tutorial. However, it is not required to learn this video tutorial.

If you are going to use the webcam in your video editing process on Apple OSX, you’ll need to have a Windows computer, or you can install a free software called

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