What equipment do I need to shoot a music video? – Videography Tutorial

There are two common methods to use when shooting a music video: film, and digital! The first is an inexpensive way to get more of an image (it is cheaper for a film to be negative) and the latter will result in the same image but at the expense of a lot of money! Here are some more tips on using the two methods:


Film takes a lot of work and requires a lot more effort to do what you do with film than digital. However it also gets less than ideal post-production that can make a great video look very amateur. If your goal is to make a great music video you should consider shooting film.

If you only shoot video, choose film over digital. It should be a film that is in the range of 400mm or lower. For example a 400mm film will give you a higher quality image than a digital film in the same size. If you are shooting with a digital camera use the best settings possible. If you are in a bind try out different camera lenses and test them out before you decide.


The most important thing when choosing a camera is to shoot with an aperture wide enough to get the light the film needs. If you’re shooting a music video, shoot at f 2-3. If you’re shooting stills use a wider aperture (around f 8-12) to get a longer shutter speed and a more flattering contrast ratio.

There are ways to get more light out of a camera such as using a tripod. You can also use a zoom lens to get a wider aperture but that isn’t recommended.

The most difficult thing with shooting a music video is keeping the image steady. That’s because a lot camera movement is necessary. So shoot in a way to keep the image stable, like using an umbrella, holding a big headlamp or even holding a mirror to the camera before you take your shot.

When shooting a music video, take some time to try out all lenses. Find the camera with the best image quality that you can manage with the settings you have on hand. You want your video to look good no matter how much the gear you’re using affects it. If you have any questions make sure to ask! 🙂

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