What is the best camera for shooting music videos?

You can’t go wrong with a smart camera for music videos but if you’re a professional or if your videos are all for promotion, a DSLR can’t hurt. It’s important to be aware of what camera can be used with your music videos so you have plenty of options. If you just want to capture the best images possible, a DSLR will give you the best chances of pleasing a client and will also allow you to be a “show reel” artist. If you’re using a video program like Final Cut to edit your music videos and you need to capture still images in the timeline, a DSLR is ideal.

Can I use a different lighting system in my music videos?

Generally, yes. Some companies prefer not to use a flash, especially if your project is for promotion or you don’t want music to dominate your video. There is even a small company, NukeLight, that makes an “all flash” camera. A lot of cameras will also work for a single scene and allow you to select one or several areas for your music video. There are also lighting products that let you change the lights or give you the time to create unique looking lighting for your music video.

Can I use a color correction or sharpening app on my camera?

Absolutely. Color correction and sharpening apps are available for almost all cameras that have a built in lens. Sometimes there are color correction plugins for older cameras, however, the most frequently used applications are Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and NukeLight.

If my camera can’t handle all of my colors, can you make a camera for that?
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No. Color management is all about the photographer and the music video. If your camera can handle your specific light and conditions and your music video is light and dynamic, the camera can take care of what colors work best for your scene.

Can I use a separate flash for my photography or for music?

Yes. Many cameras can work in two ways: One way only can be to use the front flash of the camera. This camera is designed for photography but not for performance, so if it can’t make images in the light needed for your performance, it won’t work for a music video. The other way is to use the front light of the camera and use the rear flash of the camera in addition to the main flash if you are using both. Since this style of photography is more difficult to master in a short period of time, many photographers