What lights do Youtubers use? – Video Production Training

So here are the top light sources for YouTube videos:

Bagels, sandwiches, cheese, rice, and crackers

Eggs and crackers

Potato chips

Hamburger, chicken, turkey, turkey, and fish

Fried chicken

Eggs, cheese, and cream sauce

Cheese slices and bread

Meatballs and hot dogs

Chicken and sausage

Meatballs and meatballs

Turkey and bacon

Spam and bacon



Shakeable fruit/vegetable/bean sandwiches with nuts, raisins, or other snacks

Soft boiled eggs

Popcorn on the rocks (only when available in the store!)

Soft boiled eggs

Hot dogs, hot dogs, and hot dogs

Beef, lamb, and pork

Eggs, cheese, and cream sauces

Hot dogs, hot dogs, and hot dogs

Fried food and hot dogs

Vegan chicken, veggie, lamb, and veggie meatballs

Soft boiled eggs

Smashed potatoes and mashed potatoes

Fried chicken and/or seafood
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Fried food and seafood

Sausage and mashed potatoes

Lighter fluid, candles, and hot sauce

Hot food

Spam and bacon

Eggs and crackers

Vegetables and fruit

Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa

Hot chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolates

Snacks (desserts and soft drinks)

Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa


Shaken yogurt

Smashed avocado

Wet ice cream and drinks

Coffee and tea

The other 5 main sources are:

Cooking liquid (soda/beer, tea/cocoa, etc.)

Protein powder

Liquids (soup/sauce, juice, cola, sports drinks, etc.)

Fruits (apples, oranges, nectarines, grapes, mangoes)

Vegetables/fruit salad (vegetables and fruit)

Toppings (breads, tortillas, cheese and hummus, etc.)

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