How do you plan a music video shoot? – Cinematography Shots

I plan my videos so I know what’s going to be interesting for the band and then I make sure this band is in control of the video. My job is to make sure there’s no interference from me or the band. Also, the band is in control of the music. If I have to re-make a video, I’ll be working with someone else.

Your music video ‘Love is a Warm Gun,’ where you dressed your band in a tuxedo (the only time in your catalogue), did you learn anything from your tuxedo shoot?

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It took several years for me to wear a tuxedo in a video shot by myself. I don’t know how I did it, but I tried my best. It was a tough shoot for me but what I learned is how important it is to have a good team and a good crew.

What is the role of a cameraman and can you speak more about that?

I’m the director of photography and I also work as a producer. We set up cameras and do a lot of video editing. We also record all the lighting to really capture the look of the band. I usually get the camera crew and camera men in a rehearsal room to record what they do.

Did you know the band before you came up with the idea?

When it came to creating the music video, I did a lot of research. I looked at the band like anyone else because this was the first time we’ve ever done the video. I looked at their live performances on youtube. I researched them and their songs. I did a little bit of reading.

Do you believe it’s possible for a Band’s video to be a hit?

It depends on what happens in the music video. If it doesn’t turn out well, then I would have to make my peace with that. But if the song is really good, well worth doing. I’m sure when somebody hears that song, they’re going to come back for that. At this point, the band hasn’t been on the radio and the video hasn’t seen the news yet. So I really don’t know, though. When a single is released, a band has maybe a handful of people on YouTube and we’ve only done four songs. We haven’t been in the news yet or been in front of the cameras much. So I can’t give much advice about it.

You’ve been making music video clips for years now and

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