Which camera can shoot 4k 120fps?

Well, it’s all about this:

And you need a fast enough lens with a “real” viewfinder if you want to see everything your subject can see.

And I don’t mean the viewfinder is always in focus or at full aperture, but in actual use I rarely have to adjust anything.

But you still need a camera with a fast enough f/number like 5.0 or above.

And you still cannot get good photos in low light without the use of a lens with some sort of built-in shutter feature.

As a minimum, a good lens with a small aperture to shoot at 120 is probably worth a look.

What lens does you need for this?

Well, there is one specific lens that has been around forever; the Zeiss Touit 6mm f/5.6.

Here is a picture of that lens in action:

Here is a video of a quick comparison with the Zeiss:

Here is the full specs of each lens:

Zeiss 1:1.4 T*


D=20.3 mm (8.3 in.)


85 – 108 mm equivalent: 1:3.1

108 – 204 mm: 1:2.7

204 – 426 mm: 1:1.5

426 – 560 mm: 1:1.4

560 – 640 mm: 3:2
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540 – 864 mm: 1:6

864 – 960 mm Equiv: 1:3.2

960 – 1080 mm Equiv: 3:2

1080 – 1260 mm Equiv: 4:2

1260 or 1440 and 24 bit: 3:8

1260 or 24 bit: 1:8

24 or 60 frame: 3:4

This has the widest aperture of any lens I know. And it offers the most depth of field of any lens on this list. As a general rule, in low light, I’ll