How can I shoot better videos?

Practice, practice, practice. That’s probably what most teachers are saying. And by “practice”, we mean, “try to find a few different ways of shooting at the same time and try to improve on each of them at the same time.”

Practice different shooting methods: How many ways could I shoot this video?

That depends on how much time you are willing to spend on the subject matter. If you have a lot of time, it’s much more practical to do some kind of “quick training” in between shooting sessions, or try to find another way of shooting as your skills develop.

If you have almost nothing time to practice, and you really want to learn faster, you can use Google to find a video tutorial on how to shoot better in the same time that you use the shooting method you prefer.

I have one more suggestion. Don’t be so stubborn as to think that you don’t learn anything by playing the violin, or learning a second language through tutoring. These activities take time, and help you with your goals. And they aren’t for everyone. I once spent 3 months learning Russian under Russian tutors, so I know that I can learn a new skill with only 3 weeks of serious practice.

Why do I have to take a whole day to shoot?

The more you practice shooting a video, the more you’ll get the hang of shooting a video at the same speed. After 4 or 5 videos you won’t even recognize your shooting, and you will simply shoot less than if you hadn’t done this. The more you know, the more difficult it can become.

How exactly should I shoot?

The best way to shoot more is to practice doing it. That’s why it’s such a huge mistake to try to record yourself shooting. Most of the time you will come up against the same problem:

Your shooting style leaves something to be desired if your camera is too close, or too far away (the “close” camera). Your shots aren’t sharp; you’re still looking at the target when you should be shooting at the same speed.

Fortunately this is all relatively simple to fix. If you practice shooting at the same speed, you’ll get better at shooting at the same distance too.

If you want to shoot a longer video, then try to shoot some shorter videos at a faster speed. If you’re getting good enough at shooting the same speed, try shooting as close as