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As for camera settings, the camera can be set to “ISO 100,” “ISO 200” or “ISO 3200” (depending on its sensitivity, the lowest setting) for the optimal shooting circumstances. The image sensor also offers “S3,” which allows photographers to automatically adjust the aperture setting to compensate for motion blur.

I’ll put together a few options below for a detailed review of the S3. But first, I’ll talk of the other components: the processor, RAM for photo memory, the SDM microSD card and the camera’s “flash.”

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The processor

The S3 includes an “integrated chip” from TSMC that performs the most basic functions of the sensor: it determines the exposure and focuses the camera. When it is combined with the camera camera module, the combination takes it into the next step: “camera memory.” The camera memory is an internal memory unit, which means that, with the exception of a few cameras that can’t read SD memory cards, the camera memory is very large. This is a necessary feature in order to fit an internal storage card inside the camera.

To access the storage card, the camera is programmed with the camera key, which is placed inside the camera (that’s why the camera module works at all). A simple command by the user initiates the camera memory. If a new memory card is inserted into the camera, everything changes instantly and the camera shoots the image.

The camera memory can be set up to the individual needs of the photographer: for example, “all” mode provides more storage space, while “normal” mode is sufficient for the photographer who wants more flexibility when dealing with images. It is a nice feature to choose a more sensitive camera for a given shooting scenario where more storage space is required.

It is possible to disable the camera memory, if the photographer wants to save time and effort. But for the majority of scenarios, it is recommended to use the camera memory. This is in order to enable the camera without having to install and configure the memory modules every time the camera is switched on.

As for the camera memory and the chip itself, the camera’s chip is not limited to one configuration. So, if you need to increase or decrease the camera’s sensitivity or aperture and still shoot the same image, you can swap a few settings.

The processing module

S3 is equipped with the Sony GEX-9 chip, a 64-bit processor with 1.5

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