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Why did the police shoot the boy?

The boy had not raised his hands, yet he was shot. The boy had not raised his hands and was shot.

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As a father, this is hard to understand. I mean, the boy was only 13. He was not an adult at the time, and he was unarmed, and yet he was shot, so, if there was a problem or a question about his life, why weren’t they calling the parents, or if they did call the parents and there was a problem, why weren’t they doing anything on that?

That video, that was one of just hundreds that we had, every Saturday morning for several years, many of them were shot and taken down at about one in the afternoon. It was just shocking. If those parents had called the police or if some of the young ladies had called the young ladies, some of them might have gone home. But there was one mother on the news on one occasion in which she called the police, and the police told her that because she was calling from the house that was across the street, where there were children, that they weren’t going to come until after the whole family was gone.

Now, when they shot him, that is something that people would say, that it would not have been ethical. But it is not ethical, because there is no justification of using the gun that they have. What they’ve done is they’ve used the gun that the police don’t like.

I’ve seen an investigation on that, by a newspaper, and the police claimed that, if they had had the same gun that the boy had, that the mother would have not been there. But it turned out that the mother had had that gun for the past 12 to 15 years. They have always said that it is a problem, that it’s an embarrassment what happened. If that was really their fault, then I’m not sure what would have been going on in that mother’s house, at that time. They had no business there, but if it is true that because she is on the telephone at that time, and because the children are watching, or if she had called the police, and they’ve been in and out of this neighborhood for so long that they get used to the routine, or if she had been there earlier that day, at that time—a woman could have gotten a gun, she could have taken it home, she could have taken a child there. If there were two

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