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It wouldn’t surprise me if a 4 year old could play violin (although the age at which the 3 year old starts playing will determine the length of time), but it is not at all clear that a 3 year old can perform the entire repertoire of a standard 2 stringed instrument such as the violin, except the “low strings”. If the young child is capable of getting it up from a standing position in order to start playing, what is the benefit of a 4 year old playing a 3 stringed instrument?

To me this discussion seems to be about playing instruments of different lengths (as noted above), not playing an instrument, but a set of instruments, that require different levels of skill in terms of physical, mental and cognitive demands.

It is an interesting idea to discuss the different capacities of different ages, but I don’t believe that it is a useful discussion to do that. I believe that a more useful discussion is to discuss what the “standard set of instruments” might be in relation to what the child’s skills are in their age group. In my opinion the “standard set” of instruments would be at least 3 instruments in the following order:



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Soprano (in some cases)

If I am to judge which instrument is preferred and how is the child’s level of skill in the specific instrument compared to other children in the same age group, I would have to come to the conclusion that the child is better able to perform an instrument of the same length and skill than any other child of the same age group.

I also think that it is inappropriate when discussing music to use “childishly” a scale or even if a “standardised” instrument might be used for each of those ages. There may be a variety of differences in skills based on age and experience as well as differences in abilities based on what the child was playing when we started learning music. A child learning to play a 5 stringed instrument will naturally have less abilities in all instruments than a child learning to play a 4 string instrument, for example, because a 4 string instrument is easier to play. I think this should not be a focus of discussion regarding what is considered to be a “standardised instrument” and how a child’s skills would be measured in a comparison of instruments.

However, I am sure that this post has not been a total failure for me

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