Can a 3 year old play violin?

What does 4 year olds do that a 3 year old can’t? It sounds like a reasonable question. Well if it is a reasonable question then this story seems quite reasonable.

What you need to understand if you are a father or a boyfriend or a partner to a young adult is what that person will think of you. It is the most important thing you will ever do to your relationship or that person’s.
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My young daughter was on the phone the other day with a couple friends. In the background was our little girl and her boyfriend who just had gotten out of the car with his little sister. As the girl was speaking I held my phone against my ear and told my daughter ‘Do you need a ride now?’

She looked towards me and said ‘No Daddy, I am just waiting for mommy.’

I laughed. She was just going to tell me “She doesn’t want to come down to the park with me, she wants to meet her friend at the park.”

I just laughed again and told her ‘I know right?!? You want to walk by the park with her.’

She laughed again and then said ‘No Daddy I am just waiting for mommy! I am hungry!’

I was so angry! She was going to make me eat shit!

I looked at the person holding the phone and his wife. They were probably thinking at this point in time ‘You’re making this harder on us than we think right now. Why does she need to hear that we would like them to walk by the park together? You know we are sitting at home while she is on the phone with her friends. Let’s see if she has any idea what we are going through. Let’s do something that will hopefully give her some insight into what she’s going through and help her figure out what it really means to be a little girl.” The man’s wife looked at me and said ‘What?! We are just sitting down, eating, having a great time having fun. What is she saying? She really doesn’t want to come by?”

I knew the person would have no choice but to give in to my daughter’s desire for a ride. I would just get some water with a lid on so the girl could sit down while waiting for mommy. But even if she was very confused she would know she was being fed. She would know it wasn’t my choice to be feeding her. But even if she was confused she would still listen to my