Should you clean violin strings?

The first place to clean the strings is to wash your hands first and then wipe the violin strings clean. You will need to use a brush and maybe a cleaning cloth to get the strings clean. The brush could potentially get stuck in the glue or the string, and it could get into the wood grain. To get the clean strings out, you need special cleaning solutions such as the ones we recommend for violin strings. You can check this link to find what works for you and the string (or string and bow) you use.

If you had to pick an NBA franchise to take in the upcoming draft, what would it be?

Our top three would definitely be Milwaukee and New Orleans, but the Warriors and Clippers would make sense too.

I’m sorry but the Kings haven’t made it that far in a while and it just hasn’t resonated with fans.

If Sacramento were to pick No.1 in the draft we would have a pretty good chance we would get something new. The Kings won’t go that high and that is a shame because they are in good shape. We can’t have another Kings draft pick like the 2007 No.1 when they used their own pick in the first round on Tim Thomas and another one on Andrew Bogut. But this year they are in pretty good shape with DeMarcus Cousins and DeMarcus Cousin. The Kings have the pieces in place to make this a team that doesn’t collapse into chaos and chaos tends to bring out the best in basketball players.

If Boston or Portland decide to take a shot at the Kings, I think the idea of a trade involving Chris Webber is an attractive one. Webber has been a disappointment for the Celtics, but I think there is enough in him for them to put him in the spot he is in these days. Webber has a nice career arc and has been an efficient scorer at the NBA level. He could be the best pick up for the Kings if they decide to move on from Cousins.

So who would the Lakers take if they made the playoffs and got into the lottery? I would probably grab Anthony Bennett just for the fact that he has the ability to really run an NBA game for a big man. Bennett is pretty athletic and can really defend and get to the rim to score baskets, but he can also defend a lot of different positions and give you a lot of versatility.

What would the Clippers do if they drafted a huge center such as Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball