Can a violinist play a viola?

There is one, but it’s very heavy, so no chance. It’s an extremely difficult instrument to play well at, so very few violins play well with the Stradivarius.

How old did you play the Stradivarius when you first began to play? In the last couple of years I have found that it can be as young as five or six for my age. I think it depends on the violin. If I’m good with it and you’re good with a different instrument, you get different results in terms of the way you play.

What motivates you to play the violin? I do what I love. If I have an opportunity when I’m younger, I’d much rather go out and perform in a different city and play with some other people who already have a relationship with the instrument and share a passion. That also has its place. That being said, I’m looking for ways to use my violin even further.

Are those violin lessons just for fun, or for the money? You can teach one at first and then you can continue after you have earned enough to take the course for two. After you’ve earned enough money, you can spend it on private lessons instead of lessons.

What do you like about the Stradivarius? It’s a beautiful instrument and the sound it makes. But it has not as yet been perfected and there are still problems left to be solved. It’s very tricky because it takes a lot of effort to use it properly. For example, the hand rests for the violin sound and the bow are not symmetrical. You need to concentrate on perfecting the technique and getting the violin to stay perfectly at rest as you play it. I love how the sound of the Stradivarius gets more complex when you play, making it harder to play but more exciting.

What do you learn from that experience? The violin is a work of art and there must be room for improvements. You can’t just take a very good violin and make it great.

What sort of students are you interested in now? I’m very interested in older people. We have some young players who I feel are talented. I am interested in that sort of experience when you are at a high level in the world and you play for a longer period of time. I’d rather learn the violin from an elderly man.

Where do you play? I play at the Gevirtur Stradivarius Museum in Gevirtur