Can a violinist play cello? – Easy Violin Notes App

No. The violin requires the right hand movement that a cello can do but requires a different technique and a different muscle group. Because of the violin making the cellist and the cello the master of the instrument, there is no question you will hear a cellist as a cello.

How about a flute?

A flute, on the other hand, requires the right hand motion to play the notes and also requires a different technique.

A flute player starts by playing a series of pitches in his right hand that are higher up than a violinist. This way he can play higher notes (and therefore more notes) while still maintaining the same note repetition.

Some flutes are also made to be played for longer than a few seconds since the movement of the flute strings and the vibration of the flute have to be kept at a very slow rate at all times.

Is a guitar a cello?

Of course not. The guitar is a cello. If you play a high note with a guitar the vibrations generated by the guitar are going to pass through your lower back/spine, through your neck muscle and then down through your body at the bottom of your arms.

It’s actually more common for a violinist to play a low note at high volume (think of low A), the high note at high volume is played by the low note.

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