Why violin is so expensive? – Learn To Play The Violin Online For Free

For the same reason, the violin, which is considered one of the finest instruments in the world was almost unheard of before that.

As for the cost of living, here’s the breakdown.


How much do you make every month?

I’m making a combined gross profit of $5,000 per month on my online violin business, and while that isn’t that cheap at least it’s not cheap enough to drive your business to the brink!

Do you pay anyone to play your violin?

Not anymore. And that’s a big change from five years ago when I paid people to play, and that didn’t take long before I realized how much I’d save myself by not doing that anymore.

So if you think someone else is going to play your violin, or take $700 from your check and spend it on a house and a car, you’re 100% correct, because that’s an extremely unlikely scenario!

You’re working on a dream project that requires patience, skills, and passion that’s rare in life – you’re creating the instrument you need and looking forward to seeing what it looks like (and feeling).

My goal isn’t to take money to give myself cash or something I didn’t deserve, but to help other people have what they want out of life.

Is it really worth it to go the extra mile every day?

Yes! I’ll talk more about how your business can take off in my next article, where you’ll be using the revenue generated from your online violin business to start your own instrument business… hopefully one with a name worthy of being called the Mozart of the Guitar.

What if someone else is going to play your violin and earn more than you?

Well, you’ll just have learned the hard way, and if you can’t afford it, or can’t convince yourself that it’s worth it, you can’t do it. You’ll get the “you can’t afford it” feeling all over again… but you’ll also learn just how much it’s worth!

So do yourself a favor, if I was you, and stop waiting in line for the opportunity to make money! If the violin is worth $10,000 you can start earning money now, and if you want more than $10,000, there’s no reason you shouldn’t keep going until the instrument is worth more than $10,000… which means buying a new one each spring or

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