Can I teach myself the violin?

I’m not sure, but I can be sure that I will teach myself to pick up the violin on any instrument. And when I pick myself up, the violin will be there waiting. And as soon as I pick someone up, as soon as I get there, I take off my clothes and throw on a violin and go, “Yes, I’m ready‚Ķ”

A few weeks back, we reported on a mysterious new device that’s been spotted at a small number of stores in China. The tablet, a Windows RT 8.1 device, runs “Android 4.2” and features a 7-inch touch screen. The device doesn’t even include Microsoft’s popular Metro-style interface; it’s purely designed for the Chinese market.

We also reported some other interesting new devices this week; it looks like Microsoft won’t take long to ship its first two Windows 10 Mobile devices (codenamed “Devices 1” and “Devices 2”): Microsoft has already provided us with an internal mockup. As a reminder it’s a Windows RT 8.1 device, powered by the same x86 architecture as the existing Surface devices, but with some added features, such as the Windows Hello and Internet Explorer (including Bing integration).

Microsoft hasn’t provided us a more complete image of this new device, nor have they specified what type of RAM there is inside. The only thing they’ve given us is the name of one of the device’s two processors, the MediaTek One.

We have to ask why Microsoft did not provide us with a larger sample of this tablet, as other retailers would obviously have the device if they wanted to ship it. Microsoft is trying not to be overly secretive with things like its Surface devices, so it is possible that the device is just a prototype until we can get an actual version.

The device will only be available in China for a fairly limited time — likely just a few months, so it’ll be interesting to see if this device’s release in the US is anything to go by. Microsoft has previously confirmed the new Windows Phone 7.8 device, codenamed “Devices 5,” to be here, so hopefully these devices will be available before the Windows 10 Mobile is.


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