Are Yamaha violins good?

There have been a few reports of violins with bad vibrato and a poor sound. In a good violin, these problems are not a problem.

Some violins have good quality sound but are too harsh and too harsh can make a serious sound. Also a fine quality sound but very bad vibrato.

There are also violins with excellent sound but too harsh when played on a low volume and with no vibration.

In all these cases the sound is very good but the vibration gets worse and worse. The problem is there is something wrong and Yamaha cannot find the problem.

How to fix vibrato problem on Yamaha Violins

Before sending them back to Yamaha please try the troubleshooting steps.

The problem does not depend only on the size of the body

If there is not any problem with the size of the body check also the neck and bridge. If both are good, don’t send back the violins.

Then use a very fine gauge needle and tap the sound into the hole of the body. If this problem will not appear, then just send them back.

If it does not appear then check the neck and the bridge carefully. Make sure you have no bends there and see if the vibrations get worse.

For many times these faults can be solved or at least reduced significantly with the help of an experienced violin repair person.

Please also check the tuning here.

If you have already used the tuning method mentioned above to check the sound and you do not find any problems then send them back. If this will not help, then please send them to us.

How to fix vibrations on Yamaha violins

So then there are more problems that usually are solved with the help of an experienced violiner and this is what we are trying to do with these Violins repair people.

First take a good look inside and to see if there is anything that may cause vibration problems.

Then look carefully between the strings and at the center of the bridge.

If the center is not vibrating correctly, then try to find a small square-shaped peg that fits into the hole of the bridge.

If there is no vibration then send back the violins.

If there is vibration, then do several exercises.

First take a string and pull it into the hole of the bridge.

If it does not vibrate then do no movements.

Now use a very