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If you have a basic guitar or voice skill, you can play it without any experience at all.

If you have a sound sense, you can be an arranger without a teacher.

If you have an active mind and are not a baby, you can become an author…without having to take a test.

If you don’t have an athletic body, then you can become a runner…without having to take a test.

You can learn all this without any books, without being tested, without having to pay a fee, without having to learn and remember some kind of theory.

And as of today, you can also create a book and release your first chapter.

In other words, without the aid of any books, without any kind of training and instruction, you can create an amazing book.

You can learn how to run, how to learn French or what the best piano keys are or whatever… all without an education and without having to go to school.

This is the great magic of having a blank canvas.

And you can build it with ease for your own use.

But now I’ll show you how:

Step #1: Make a plan

Before starting your bookmaking project, go over your plan. Is it a project that you have never really had the opportunity to put in front of any kind of audience before?

Is it a project that was something that you didn’t have the chance to make yourself?

If yes to any of the two questions, then you haven’t learned to make a book from scratch.

If no, then you may need to rethink your plan.

Let’s say that during your first few attempts, your book has been made out of wood and paint, and you could make a model out of paper but then you could never sell it anywhere unless it were printed on paper.

Is there a better option?
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Perhaps there are other types of pages that you can use to make your book.

How about you build a plan to make a book but instead of using paper for a starting point, you use some other material…

Or it could be that you could use a 3D printer and 3D print some of your parts.

It really doesn’t matter as much as you want to use this method if you don’t really think about how you are going to use them.

How do I know?

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