Why violin is so expensive? – How To Learn To Play Violin Online Games

Because it is the “most highly-valued piece in the world.” If you want me to make it sound cheaper than it is, I’ll put it to music.

Violin Notes Tutorial - Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy ...
But the reason is that the violin is a product of the violin shop. The violin shop will take one or two instruments, will repair them and sell them for a profit. If you sell a million instruments and pay a million musicians to play them, it goes to the violin shop. So a million is a lot of money. So I want to be able to make something affordable that is not only good, but also has a quality that I can afford to play. And that’s what I’ve tried to do.

How has the instrument industry responded in the past to your approach to making an affordable violin?

I’ve been very lucky. They’ve been very receptive. They’ve been very interested and happy, and that’s made a significant contribution for me for a number of years. When I get into the middle of a string, I can get away with it because they’re not like the violins that I saw when I was 12 years old, where everybody is standing around the violins and it’s all a mess. They were clean. They played. A violin can be in a drawer for years, and I can just play. And they’re doing great, and it’s nice to know that a lot of people are supporting it. It’s very kind of them that I play here, and I just have a few guitars.

Can you say if there are plans to have a second store?

Yes. There’s so many different possibilities, but I can’t reveal anything, but as the violin grows, it will be more and more important to have a store that is a space, not just an instrument shop which I’d love.

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I have a confession here: after years of using my own software to do some sort of

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