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Fine tuners are usually used in conjunction with a violin case. They are generally not needed in the case of a violin if you are using a “standard” model or one where no alterations have been made to the body of the violin. Most fine tuned instruments come with a case, so the fine tuner is really not required. As you can imagine, fine tuning does improve a violin.

However, the instrument may still perform well if you are using a modified violin-case which is designed specifically to be worn by a violin maker.

How can the string of a violin be tuned?

We cannot tell you how good or bad a violin is using only our word “sick”. It is up to you and your violin to find out for yourself. But for example, if you have an instrument which has long notes on both sides of the string, the bridge and the neck of the violin, then you will find the string can not be tuned. This instrument has also been known to have both long and short, but this type of tuning will never be used, because the note on the long side cannot be changed.

Is it possible to change the tuning on a single string?

You may wish to try this for yourself by removing two of the strings from the instrument. You will probably find that the tuning changes, but there is no way of knowing if this is just due to tuning a single instrument or a whole double. To make a permanent change, one needs to replace all the strings of the instrument with new strings.

What do you think about changes made to strings and bows when repairing instruments?
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These will take some experimentation, particularly when there are no screws involved. There are some cases where one can achieve the desired tuning from the first repair by changing the bow. A string adjustment is not always possible as the string can not be put back exactly where it was for the first repair.

How long do you normally play violin on one instrument?

It depends. When playing with one string on one side, sometimes one end of the bow is always the same and sometimes it is different. When using a bow, the length of the end may matter as many of the strings have different tension at different length. This also depends on the position of the bow.

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