Does a violin get better with age?

It does. At the same age, the violin will begin to play more and more deeply, it will begin to play more slowly and will begin picking up the nuances of how to hold a note, how to hold a hand, how you control a string, etc. All this is part of the learning process that comes with aging, which may take a couple of decades.

If anything, I think it would be great if the violin became more powerful with age. One of the hardest things to play with age is string tuning, which I will explain more in the next section.

Can a violin get better with practice?

Yes it can; some have even described this. Playing with practice does not make the instrument inherently better, as most beginner playing has been with a wooden bass. I know that some have tried to explain this. I believe the more advanced people do not actually know that.

On the other hand, there is a difference between the “practice effect” (what a person can do with practice) and the “realistic effect”. The realistic effect is the effect of a beginner playing with good technique, having a good ear and having a willingness to learn from experience. At the low end, an experienced person is usually playing with great technique, and is using a variety of tunings and fingerings, all of which can be difficult for a beginner to play the way that they want. At the high end, a beginner plays with perfect technique and will almost be able to use a piano that is as good as it is for them. When you have this amount of playing experience, you can use a pianos from just about any company and probably some that are better, but they likely have to make a much higher quality instrument to match your playing.

So what should you do? Do what people are doing right now, or do what they are not doing right. If playing a new tune can become difficult for you, try making a few changes to tune up or lower the bass, or play in higher register. If string tuning is difficult, try changing up the fingerings and then tune again. I can’t stress that enough!

If you have a great teacher who takes great care of you, will go out of his way to help you when you are learning something new, and can make some adjustments for you (in their opinion), go ahead and get the instrument. I am not talking about that, but maybe this is the right time to go to your local