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(I found a very good breakdown.)
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The basic violin string is $50/pair; the lower priced “low end” strings range from $26-30. The lower priced strings are the smaller or thinner .031-inch string.

The high end strings range from $50-80, although I haven’t been able to get them to cut like the cheaper strings. And that is after the $10 per pair is factored in.

So with all this information I decided to do a search for an $85 violin. The most obvious choices for a $85 violin would have been an Arpeggio and a Violin, as well as a Viola and a Viola Stradivarius. My list looked like this: Arpeggios – I didn’t find many Stradivari or Fretless, but there was a couple of Stradivari instruments. Violins – I didn’t find any Stradivarius or Violin, but there were two Stradivari violins which I don’t consider to be much more. They are made in Finland and are the only violins that I have seen in the US. Note that the price varies based on the length of the string, but you can’t get a cheaper version of these instruments.

And I had to choose which string to use. I couldn’t put two and two together without going for the thicker, “high end” string. I didn’t want any of the cheaper strings to be on either of those, but then I remembered from my Fender Bass project that I could make a new stringset for around the same price as the string I was going to use, so I used the thinner strings. The rest of the specs were very similar, so I just used my best guesses in the headings.

A lot more details about the process for choosing the strings will come later. But just to recap:

First, I purchased two sets of cheap high speed violin strings from a vendor called, and I used the two strings to make a new stringset. The string I bought was made in Finland (Gail) and cost $3.

Then, using a piece of cardboard, cut out a box for each type of violin and put the strings in to check them. I needed a few months of testing before any new strings were added.

Second, I found some good articles on how to test your strings. See the links listed above

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