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It all depends on you, but a weekly or monthly music lesson can be a good idea for beginners that find it boring. You don’t want to do this one-time-and-forget exercise when you’re already having so much trouble practicing. The goal of music lessons is to get you comfortable enough where you’re at least able to remember parts of a song from memory when you need it. It’s not a long term goal and should be approached over a few months or so, but you definitely want to be able to play well enough that you can play more songs in a row as well. If you play well, you’ll be able to play a lot better songs in the future without having to learn new music.

Can you teach me some tricks to make music lessons easier to follow?

Most of the time when I’m teaching new people to play an instrument, music is very easy to learn. However, some people struggle with basic notation, tempo-matching, and other aspects of piano and guitar theory. It’s important to have in mind some tips about these things so that you’re ready from the time you first start.

In this link, you can find my beginner’s guide to music theory and how to memorize it in order to play well.

A Fingering Chart For Cello Sheet Music - Sheet Music Plus

One tip I like to give people is to start with one song and then expand it out to another. This sounds easier than it is, but this kind of practice is very beneficial. If you start off with a single song and eventually get bored of it, add an entire new song in at another time until you notice something new. Try to keep things short, and make your “learning” process as easy as possible.

In the video above, I went over some tricks I use to help you get better guitar technique while listening to music. You can see how I go through different finger positions, how to hold a fret, and how to memorize various parts of the fretboard.

This is a collection of things that I’ve found helpful on my “How to get back into coding” journey. These are things that I’ve found to be helpful for getting started in programming. Some of these were written earlier but I’ve added them up here if nothing else.

Please let me know if I’ve missed any important things.

There are a number of articles out there on things you might find useful and these are the resources that I chose to add to my collection.

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