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Cello is probably harder in the sense that we have to learn how to manipulate strings of different dimensions and different sizes and then also how to apply a few different chords to sound a certain way. There are many technical exercises that can be done to try to get better at it. But I will say this about the piano that I’ve been playing for the last 20 years. In the beginning I learned it in two sections: The left-hand section of how to play the C notes, which is pretty easy; the right-hand section how to play the B notes, which is hard. It’s difficult for me to give advice on how to improve the left-hand section because I do my own practice. I prefer learning the C notes as a soloist because that’s just the way it is for me and I have my own preference and my own way of learning chords, so it doesn’t have any influence on how I learn chords.

On your website you have a list of recommended book: “The Perfect Piano Book”, “The Piano Book for Improvisers” and “Playing the Keyboard”. Do you think that such a list would help some pianists to improve their piano skills?

It’s not a problem. It doesn’t mean anything except that I like to read books with music and other good ideas and that’s what helps me to improve the pianist (if anybody wants to do that I would be happy if they could write me a book). I do my own practice. I will put some ideas from the books in this web site and I believe it will become a good tool for me to practice. I believe it’s going to help with the problems many young pianists have with the left hand. So please try it.

In addition to “The Perfect Piano Book” you have published a book: “Practice Piano Practice”, you wrote three books: “Beginner’s Piano Study” and “Mastery Piano Practice”. Can you tell us something about what these books contain and what you are going to do to improve your piano technique?

Well, “Mastery Piano Practice” goes back to when I was studying as a student, and all these books have their roots in that. The most essential thing in all these courses is to learn the theory as well. I am going to work hard to show you that in my courses, and also in the “Beginner’s Piano Study” book. If any student can learn all these things they deserve to be the new world champion

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