Is Cello harder than violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One On The Fear Of Death

What is the average Cello performance?

Is it more important to study the basic Cello repertoire and develop good reading and speaking habits as opposed to reading, speaking, and memorizing the entire repertoire?

If so, why? Or if not, why should anyone study the Cello repertoire in preparation for the Requiem?

I’m asking both because I have a few questions that might help some people out, and because some people may feel that this question is pointless. The purpose of the question is really to get some ideas from what people have said about this question. Some people have said, “Why should anybody bother studying this or that part instead of memorizing the whole repertoire?”

I’m really interested in hearing people’s opinions about this because I really want to understand what’s the most productive and important thing to study. Obviously, most people would rather go out and learn the basic repertoire, but I’m thinking that it might be better to spend a little extra time on the more advanced pieces.

Here are some things people might be thinking if they think this question is pointless…

People think it’s dumb to study the Cello part of one’s repertoire, since it has a major impact on composition and much later on. I totally agree with them.

People think this question is stupid because they want to try out a new piece, but never learn a new piece to the point where they know all the material they need to know for Cello.

People think this question is ridiculous because the more advanced pieces are boring, and the less advanced pieces are exciting. I totally agree.
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People think the same thing as I am in that they either don’t want to study advanced stuff or want the opportunity to read new material. The answer to both of those questions is the same. I personally believe that everyone should at least learn a few pieces before they start studying the more advanced pieces.

How do we decide which pieces to study? How do we find the right “right” piece?

This is a tough question, because you really don’t know. But here are some general suggestions that I will try to use.

The piece you want to learn as most people will say “The Requiem.” This is a piece people think of when people talk about “the big 5″—Piano Concerto No. 11, Concerto for Cello, Fantasia on a Theme from Romeo and Juliet, or the Prokofiev Symphony, which is an

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