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“That’s where my name comes from,” Barenboim says. “I’m a master of the violin.” But as more and more countries around the world open up their borders to refugees on a massive scale, Barenboim’s job is getting even more complicated.

On the day I visit him he has a pair of violin bows in his office — an instrument with the reputation of being the best bass instrument ever made. And yet, his office is not even big enough for his three violinists. Instead, it’s a narrow space filled with stacks of violin bows wrapped in plastic wrap. While he’s in the office, he asks me a series of questions to show me the bow selection process. It’s a simple process — you start with a standard bow, place a violin string on either side of the bow, and make a bow in any instrument. He doesn’t do individual string-up tuning on each bow — instead, he places the string on a string gauge to check that the angle between the bow and string feels right. Then he checks the neck, the bridge, the fretwork, and the neck brace, to make sure that all the parts are in place, as he had never done to begin with. After that he works backward, testing each part on a separate string, testing each string individually for tone, then switching the bridge for the bow to see the results. I try out a few of my own bows and then Barenboim hands me the basses he wants. “What if you want a viola?” he asks. “Do you need to have the same bow as the violin, or do you want a different bow?” It’s not exactly the same question, but once the bow selection process is finished, you have to start playing. Barenboim says the process takes roughly three weeks — he starts at 2 a.m. and stops at sunset so he can keep his instruments clean and ready for use by the next morning. I ask him how he keeps the bow selection going at this pace. He told me that when his two violin players are going through the process he asks them, “Does this one sound good? Does that one sound good? Does this one have a good sound? Is this one too harsh?” Eventually, Barenboim says, he wants to have bow makers offer the bow they’re making to every single refugee that enters the country, so that they won’t have to settle for anything but the best that they can do. ”

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