Is violin easier than guitar? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One Homework Fourth

I’d argue ‘yes’, but I’d be wrong. Most of them are. I’ve actually found (on the guitar) the most challenging instruments to learn are the violin and the piano which require you to put a lot of attention into learning. I’ll always find a problem with a piece of music and start to struggle with it – the next thing I’ll be thinking ‘Why? Why did I start this nonsense?’ and just start over. To learn music by ear isn’t going to do this. I love listening to violas; all kinds. To my ears and ears of fellow viols, I feel I learn their parts better. My eyes and ears do a good job of picking out the parts to play and then when I play the piece I feel my hands actually getting used to and understanding the material at this level. It’s actually a much more fun way to do it. Of course some might argue ‘why do I listen to guitar and violin?’ Well, I don’t. I can play them either way so that’s that. I just don’t need to listen to them. I’m not into “stereophonics” anymore so if I use a piece of music on the guitar I don’t really need to listen to it all that much. I’ve always kept a guitar in my guitar case, just for when I start to struggle with any piece of music. That’s it. I don’t really follow any particular style of guitar playing. As far as the violin goes, there’s only a handful of people who I really like. But I do find myself listening to more violin, especially the viola; I’ve always found myself gravitating towards it. I really feel I learn a ton more about it than I do about guitar and orchestra. Also I find myself using much longer tempos or longer chords and I find that I have a much easier time understanding what’s going on in a certain note or chord on a violin. It’s kind of a weird thing; I found myself going back to playing the same piece of music because I didn’t know what to make of it, or even if it made any sense. I find myself looking at something and wondering “Is this what it is?”. You just need to put your ear to it and you’ll find it. The one thing I’ve noticed is, whenever I’m playing something that’s easier for me to play it, then I often find I’m having a hard time keeping up with the music I’m having, just by the sheer volume of
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