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Answer 1. It may have had a weak body which was too big for the strings to fit through, or it may not have been properly repaired.

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Answer 2. If you had a weak body, a string that was not well-taped with metal is usually the result.

An average violin in good condition produces about 15-20 harmonics per string. Violins of all sizes, weights, and finishes produced harmonics when they were built. This was the “normal sounding” condition and was not due to improper maintenance.

Viola tuning, tuning to the best tone, is the ability of a string to vibrate evenly over a period of time. Violins do this by having their strings fitted so they will fit evenly across the strings. When a violin’s tuning is off or in tune, it is called off-tuning or in tune-off-tuning.

If a violin does not make or stay in tune, it is not in tune so the string will vibrate unevenly; it may be too short, too long, or too twisted.

Sometimes after a string has become too long it will have to be lengthened, which is how violin makers shorten a string which is too long.

Correct string length for a violin of your size and condition can be very complicated, but is basically a matter of what you want to do with the strings as you can often find a manufacturer of a particular length for a certain size and shape.

This is a question which must always be discussed with your tuner. Ask him any questions you need answered.

Viola is the Latin word for “sweet”.

If you have to get something in a hurry, the violin is good for you.

Viola Tuned to the Tuning of the Strings

A violin tuned to the same tuning as the strings does not affect how you play. The string will not sound when strummed in the same manner. This is the way a violin works; it doesn’t matter how much they tune your instrument or how hard they use it.

There are many people who have tuned violins for tuning purposes. For example, there is a violin maker in the U.K. called Thomas and a musician’s instrument maker in France called Vozgen. The following video should explain the proper way to tune your violin.

Why is my violin making a noise?

The most common reason violins may make a

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