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Yes. There are many, many different ways of singing a violin note and I have had to do this thousands upon thousands of times (for example, see my solo violin lessons ).

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Mental disorder is defined by many factors, with an interplay of underlying and acquired causes, from genetics to environment, to a complex interactions as we age. Recent data suggest that some of these factors are related primarily to the age of onset of psychiatric problems. However, there is considerable heterogeneity in the onset of psychiatric problems, with individuals presenting differently at different ages, presenting to different health care settings and presenting different co-morbidities. In particular, the age of onset of psychiatric problems is not uniform, and the age-related changes in psychopathology are distinct for different mental disorders. Consequently, many individuals may develop a broad range of mental disorders with varying ages of presentation, including mental disorders with varying co-morbidities, which may have subtle effects on the neurobiological underpinnings of mental symptoms that develop as a side-effect of illness. The purpose of this study is to document the developmental trends in early-onset mental disorders, with a focus on psychopathology in relation to early-onset symptoms of mental illness. We use a prospective birth cohort of 474 children with primary psychiatric disorders and 894 matched control children born in the years 1965-1968 from The Netherlands. We use a unique longitudinal method of assessment (VAS) to measure cognitive development (and thus comorbidity) over several years in each cohort, then report the age-specific prevalence rates of age-related onset of psychiatric disorders, with corresponding levels for age-of-onset (AOON) of psychopathology. We also report the relationship of AOON levels to AOON scores at different ages of development, which is important for understanding the pathogenesis of this pattern of disease. Finally, we test cross-sectional and longitudinal predictors of age-of-onset levels of psychopathology, with potential implications for early-onset mental disorder prediction of later-onset severity and severity of subsequent mental outcomes.

Introduction The onset of psychiatric disorders is not uniform across individuals, with individuals with and without a co-occurring psychiatric disorder developing similar rates of psychiatric problems at different ages.1 This heterogeneity, which has been well documented2-5 and that can be attributed to genetic and environmental factors,6-13 has led researchers to focus on age-of-

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