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What other musical instruments could you play that have a long history in the country and the world?

It’s kind of tricky because just looking at the names, there are some very hard instruments. The most famous and popular are saxophone and banjo. They both predate the guitar, but they are very similar. It’s also hard to find a saxophone for a beginner because they are expensive and you have to train them. There’s also a banjo that’s a bit harder to get into than the other two, and when I played one at a concert I told the audience I couldn’t play it but he said ‘Yeah, I can play it’. They have to learn everything. The guitar is hard, but it’s not as hard as I had to learn when I played them at a concert, but I would still say that the banjo is the most important instrument in the country. Also, some of the big bands like The Doors or the Cure were influenced by the banjo.

Who was your favourite band growing up?

Isaac Stern and Yefim Bronfman Play Mozart Violin Sonatas ...
One time I was watching the band Sinead O’Connor go on stage and they had this really big guitar, and I think they thought it was going to fit perfectly in a band and they left it there on stage. I saw them the next day and they were like ‘Where did you get a guitar?’ I asked where they got the bass guitar [laughs]. They were such wonderful musicians and actors and so awesome to be around. The first time I saw them play, I almost burst into tears at first because they were so talented. Also, Bob Dylan was really cool and a lot of people were into Dylan back then, so it was kind of easy on me to go out of my way to listen to the band. Also, The Beatles were huge, and I remember liking them back when they were playing in a club a lot of times. The Doors were a lot darker and more intense. That said, they were really cool and they were really a great band and that’s what I remember.

Do any bands or artists have been in your opinion more influential on the genre? If so, how so?

I think that bands like the Cure are a big influence on the guitar. I think that they have given the way for many younger bands to be more dark and gritty and stuff. The Cure also were just fucking terrifying. I didn’t understand why my sister couldn’t go on the dancefloor with me, because her eyes would go out

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