Should I learn violin or cello? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Drawing Pages

The answer to this question varies. Some students want to learn violin or cello because they believe it is for the most part a better job than doing music in a café. In fact, they have come to hate their school experience. Others like to do music in a café because it offers them many more opportunities. The main thing is that you have to decide on your own if you have a life goal, a career or just a job.

Do you think playing in a concert hall is worth it?

Playing to great success in a concert hall requires dedication, discipline and a lot of practice. Playing in a café in a music venue is definitely more accessible and allows you to keep on playing without any time pressure.

Where should I get music advice?

If you haven’t already, we’d strongly advise you to check out the website of the German Association for Music Education. Here, you’ll find information on various topics related to music education.

What kind of career advice should I follow?

There are a lot of different possible paths you can follow, one of which might be music counselling. Many students in the Netherlands find it an interesting challenge to become better musicians.

There is also the job market of music professionals. In this sector, the most famous companies are Spotify, iHeartMedia, Sony Music and the music recording industry. In fact, there is a large industry to train musicians but not many jobs for them. There are many music business courses in the country and there are also plenty of opportunities. If you see a job where you know the music industry, make sure you apply.

There are a lot of different paths to follow, but you can definitely follow any of them. It’s not that they are necessarily wrong but they all depend on you and what inspires your future. If it’s music or making music, your goal should be to achieve a good result.

Can’t be a professional musician?

You can also be very successful as a DJ or a DJ instructor. If you make a lot from making music videos, you can probably earn great money as a DJ. We recommend you to contact the companies listed above and find out about how they make money from their work. The same goes for teachers. They can be very successful in this profession or they can be struggling.

How can I take a course on what I want to do in life?

As a student studying music in the Netherlands, you should have lots of opportunities

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