Should I learn violin or viola?

I have always wanted to learn both and I don’t get into this anymore.”

He could have easily decided to study music and play the violin, but he chose to study music because it was what he wanted to do. And that was also the case for his son and future wife, who chose music.

“You can’t really choose what you want to do in life,” says Ritchie.

He knew his son would not only want to learn the piano, but also the violin. He was convinced the violin would be a great way to bridge that gap between piano and violin.

“I didn’t know then that there was something different, but when I started giving piano lessons I knew that it was the way to go,” says Ritchie.

Ritchie, 54, first learned violin when he was in Grade 8 in the 1960s.

“I was just happy to be out of the music class as a child” and not being allowed to stay up late to play music, remembers Ritchie.

During his day job, Ritchie taught in elementary schools in Toronto and he says he is now one of the most sought-after violin teachers within the Toronto area.

He says that having a violin at home will not only connect him to his son but also to his future wife who is a violinist.

Ritchie has been in the music industry for 20 years. He has performed with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Symphony Orchestra, to name just a few.
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“This will let them be friends,” says Ritchie. “They will connect with our son that way.”

“This was more about giving some peace and quiet, and being able to be away from the piano and the piano lessons,” says Ritchie. “In that way, playing violin and violin studies are both similar.”

There are a few ways parents can choose to start or complete a music education program. You can choose a private piano lessons or private violin lessons. Or you can complete public school music programs and pay for your child to continue your music education before he or she reaches Grade 12. You can also decide to enroll your child in a private piano school. You can also purchase a piano from a piano retailer and use it yourself.

“If I could learn every instrument in the world I would do it. But I am pretty happy with the opportunities I have to learn piano at home,” says Ritchie.

“I’m just happy to be