How do I buy my first violin?

This is a question I receive frequently. There is an excellent chance that you already own a violin of some type and the question is: how do I get to know your model better? Or perhaps you’ve just bought your first violin, but you are not sure what it is. My advice is to try to look up the maker’s name and violin type, and then ask about their price structure, availability and the type of wood used. And, of course, it’s worth asking whether the quality of the wood is of the highest standard. Here are some sources to help you get started…

The first thing you should do is read the manufacturers’ information about the violin in question. I use Wikipedia if I know for sure. For example, they give information about the maker and model year. Another resource is the web site. But here are a few additional resources that also should be helpful. It is the owner of this Web site that I have used, and these sites also may give more information about a particular maker than Wikipedia.

I have also used my trusted friend, the violin website, to get more information about a maker. But again, there may be more information about the type of wood used on the violin (and hence, the price). Please remember that the more information you can get of a maker, the better equipped you will be to judge the quality of the wood and the instrument.

Another resource and a good place to start is through the violin trade-ins section of the USPTO. They have information about the manufacturer, the model year and the types of the wood used. They also give some recommendations for the model year. I will recommend this site to anyone who wants to purchase a violin, except for the ones I am recommending.

This is another site that is used by consumers. If you want to order an instrument from either eBay or one of the thousands of dealers selling instruments on eBay, these are the sites where you should look:

When ordering a violin, you can buy it on Ebay or on some of the thousands of vendors who offer a wide variety of instruments on Ebay. However, the information about the manufacturer on Ebay is a bit lacking. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a full-length, high-quality digital catalog from a trusted source, you can buy the manufacturer information from eBay. There, they provide the model year, maker and violin