What the most beautiful instrument? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Summary

I would say it’s that one on the bottom-rung. That’s the biggest of all these things. And you’ve written about this on a lot of different albums, too. In “Riot in the Streets”, you sing, “You are the world’s most wonderful instrument!” Well, yes. But I’ve had this big problem on this record of not having the right words.

I can say that, when I was in the middle of “I’m the One” — when I made like a “Riot in the Streets” song, and I wrote, “So now is the time for the world to stop beating down my door / The time for the world to stop beating down your door / My God.” That was the time for me, right in that song, to really get the beat going. The only things that could happen, from where I was right then, was a world that would get very good, the world to get in shape, the world to really understand our needs. And so then, as the songs were evolving — when I was saying “I’m the One,” and “I’m Here Now”— I was working on these different songs, like this one “I’m the One”. And I realized that I just needed to put those two big things together as a group, to really have this song. To kind of tell this story, or to talk to this story. With the song “I’m the One,” what’s really great about “I’m the One” is, it’s the first time, if you ask me, when I got the beat going. Because I was just doing it, as a song I was doing. That’s what I’m about in “I’m The One.” [laughs]

And then also in the song, when they sing the words to “I’m the One,” I was working on this little idea. What have you never been told about the most beautiful instrument on the planet? Well, that’s not really true — the most beautiful instrument in the world is “the piano.” That’s just the most beautiful instrument, and that’s something that we need. Not necessarily the most beautiful instrument, but it’s the one that most needs the right words. A lot of songs just have to fall in line with the rest of the album, and that’s just kind of how this album sounds. And the lyrics kind of fall in line with the lyrics, and it doesn’t feel like it’s me talking about something special.

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