How difficult is violin? – How To Learn To Read Piano Sheet Music

How difficult is it for me?” I think there is a difference in the way you play violin. You can’t sit at one particular time and try and play all in one sitting. You have to be consistent and do it over and over again. It’s the same if you play guitar. You have to practice until you get tired. You have to practice until you have it all together. There is no doubt that’s easier; I’ve done it many times and I have to think, ‘Does it sound right? Does it sound natural?’

Q: The most important thing people don’t realize is that you are not a typical violin player. You can play what people would call piano style. You can play very high-pitched notes. Does that help you?

MA: I’m not a typical violin player.
Tamil Piano Notes: March 2015

Q: You are a regular violin player, a beginner one, and have played for almost 35 years. Could you talk about the relationship between your own sense of what music makes you feel and this general sense of what music is?

MA: It’s a good thing that you ask this question because I think it helps me realize it. I started out as someone who tried to think and talk about music as music and to describe music as something other than other people’s ideas about music. And I always felt there were problems in that — how could you describe what you were listening to and the emotions that are attached to it? How could anything be considered just music? It was a problem that I had and had to face. And this is true with almost all kinds of things. One thing I learned early on is just because it sounds very good to a certain people, it doesn’t mean it’s music to a different person.

Q: This seems a little abstract, but how do you feel about your career? Do you consider yourself a musician or a musician’s musician?

MA: I see myself a musician, but then I’m the musician that would be a musician today. I still do what I do and try to stay true to the music and what I’ve experienced and the people that I’ve experienced over the years. I consider myself a person who can make other people feel music when that is not in their way of being able to. I don’t think that’s unusual for anybody. Everyone has the possibility to change their outlook on what they do with their life, but I think that to not just do the best it can be and to not be just another

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