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The guitar and banjo combine to make a perfect work of art.

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Kobolds are a race of gnome-like sentient fungi whose civilization has survived almost two million years since human society was created. It’s said that the kobolds and the rest of the gnome race have lived in peace and harmony with humans for as long as humans have existed in the universe. However, they have a secret that has been passed through the generations, and the new Kobolds are willing to sell their souls to help fulfill their secret. So what’s in store for the newest generation of Kobolds?

Our Story

In the past, the kobolds were created by an evil mage. The mage created them to carry out his plans of bringing peace and harmony to the universe. When humans first came across this new race, the races of humanity had some difficulties accepting the kobolds. However, once they saw the kobolds they knew who they could trust, and decided that they’d become their ally.

For a few centuries they did this, but as the kobolds became a peaceful people, the mages began to change. Their new design of the kobolds was now not the one they used when originally created, but rather a variety of new kobolds and their races. As a result of this change, they began to take on human traits that could not be found in the original kobolds. They’d adopted the eyes and skin pattern of the humans they met. Eventually some Humans decided that they were happy with their new kobolds, and so the race became a family to them as it’s always been.

That would be the first part of what would become the kobolds’ history. But there are still a few years ahead that are important to the kobolds. When the Kobolds first come across the Earth, they find out that it was first created by an unknown being. And they also come across the existence of an alien race who created the kobolds, and who are responsible for the genocide of this species.

As their civilization has come from an unknown place and have found itself on our planet, the kobolds began to make a lot of plans. Now they’re planning to take their own lives so they can fulfill their secret. The only way they can do this is to buy their souls so they can help fulfill

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