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– Answer from Daniel – “I think it’s very interesting about how hard it is to pick up the violin.” To my surprise (actually surprise, because I didn’t know the answer), everyone who knows the violin also knows what is the hardest part: “It is the neck.” Daniel explains that the neck is much thicker than the rest of the instrument’s body, and therefore it is much more difficult or difficult to pick up than the strings: “You have to put your hands down there to get it and get it around my fingers, and it’s very hard.”

“For me, the hardest part is playing the violin. I have never played on a violin before – I’ve always thought it was the easiest thing in the world – but you have to be very patient and very concentrated, and then the hardest part is usually going back and forth.” For Daniel, it would be the neck and then a few strumming positions, and this could take a while; “but my violin is really light – I think I could do it in a minute with no practice.” This does not mean he won’t go back to practice every so often afterwards, even if you don’t give him any violin lessons. Just like any other musician, Daniel has learned that the hardest thing about playing a certain instrument is not the instrument itself – it is the fact that we all like to play and are willing to sit through some hours of tedious practicing, even if it’s just to improve our technique; “you have this attitude in the public in that you’re not going to play for a thousand hours, but your violin is going to take all of that.”

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What is the hardest instrument to play? – Answer from Daniel – “Probably this violin.” He also said that the hardest of all instruments is the violin, since it requires you to concentrate almost all your efforts into each strumming position (so it is very difficult to find a suitable strumming position for the best part of your fingers). Daniel is the biggest fan of Chopin and Mozart (though both of these composers, like Daniel, don’t practice any violin). This might explain why Daniel and the pianist (who does not practice any) are not able to play as easily as both Chopine and Mozart when they are playing “just because they have such a good sound”. As for Bach, Daniel feels that the instrument is hard to play because it’s a difficult instrument to master. When he started playing Bach, he couldn’t really understand any of

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