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A: All beginner violinists will benefit from a good violin with a comfortable tone or in which to begin to master the instrument. A good sound will also help to make learning easy. All students should learn a simple, relaxed tone. This should be possible with the violin we recommend.

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B: If you can’t find an instrument that will sound good for beginners, check out our online class on the violin, which covers most of the basic material. Some of the parts you may need are: fingering, technique, arpeggios and rhythm. This class is aimed for beginners at the beginning level. For more detailed material on the violin see the online instrument lessons available online. Click here for the lessons offered online.

C: For students who want a good sounding violin, our students have made their own violin violin kits. These range from affordable beginner beginner instruments all the way up to the most expensive and finest of all. This way, you can find an instrument to fit your needs, and that may suit you, at any price. They work together with you and you get a professional finished product. You can order your instruments here.

D: For more information about violin lessons, see our violin lesson information page here.

E: If you need advice about beginner violin lessons, contact us at:

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