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When the classical violinist has to play a string and not a harp, it is hard to say what the true king is. But what is the real king of instruments? The answer is obviously the violin.

When you first discover this great instrument, the natural question is: How does the instrument sound? In this section you will hear my description of the sound of each instrument type, and a description of the violin’s unique characteristic. I have not talked about the sound of various stringed instruments, since they are not as difficult to learn as the violin’s unique sound. I feel that when playing a violin on an instrument that you know is not as good, the most important thing is listening to it. That is why I have not talked about singing, though that is also very important in that area. The most important thing is hearing a different sound.

The sound of the violin was developed over several centuries of continuous playtesting throughout Europe. The instrument has a sound which is almost identical to that of the harpsichord. When I try to sing or play the violin I can only play it for a short time, and it is almost impossible to sing properly on the violin. But then it is also very good at playing on an instrument that you know is not as good. Also, it tends to sound the same on all strings, and there is a definite relationship between the notes played for the first and last violin parts, as well as the rest of the orchestra. The sound of the violin does not depend on the instrument, but on the sound of the music. As a result, it can be used either to play a piece of stringed music, or an opera, or to play an entire piece of music of its own. If you are interested in the violin, the sound of the instrument is essential; if you want to learn how to play the violin, you should read this book and then try out a few violin lessons.
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The sound is the unique feature of the violin. Even after over two centuries of continuous playtesting, it can still sound the same. One of the most important characteristics of the instrument is its strength. It can absorb almost all the energy in the musical performance and is very sensitive to small fluctuations. A violin with a string tension of about 18k is still able to play fast, yet it doesn’t take a lot of energy to sustain any piece of music. Even on a very soft violin there is a great deal of force and energy in the sound. It is

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