Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place? – Best Way To Learn Violin

First things first, there’s no reason your pegs cannot stay where they are on your string (the bowstring side). So don’t be afraid to experiment. Once you have found the “sweet spot” (whatever that is), move the pegs and don’t let them leave the strings until you find the tension. You need to feel tension in the strings to achieve a good string drop.

So you feel it? Great! Now you are ready to start using your new violin. Once you know how to use it. Start playing your new violin. Try changing strings. If you find your string pegs are too close, or the bowstring pegs are too far from the strings, or if they are slightly too stiff, etc – don’t worry about that. Just tighten them a bit. Keep experimenting until you find the best combination of sound, weight and tuning that works for you.

Christmas Carols - Antonio Strad Violin
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