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HB stands for Hand. It signifies a pen in an open hand, or in the grip of an open hand. This is the pen used by the early Spanish settlers of the New World. It was the dominant style of pen in the 18th centuries, the pen used at all times to write with when speaking, writing with a pen on the floor, writing a message to a friend, or writing in a book, etc. It was also used to illustrate the Bible. It was used to show that the king or prophet were the same person, in this case, Jesus Christ. It is a popular style today and was popular for the first few centuries of its widespread use in Europe, in Europe as well as America. (This is an accurate description of the way the modern American uses the pen.) I recommend you look these up on a map of the United States and see which streets they refer to: They refer to them as Main Street, or “Street of Jesus.”

So, what does HB means on a pencil?

HB is for Hand, which signifies a pencil in an open hand, or in the grip of an open hand. It is the pencil used by the first Spanish settlers when writing, and the pen used by any New World pen. We call these Spanish (and American) pencils Bols, which are Latin for “open hand.” These are still the popular pens used by the students at my classes today.

In the days of the ancient Greek and Roman pencil, the design was similar to what we now know as handwriting, or the handwriting of ancient Egyptians.

Handwriting is what we, human beings, do not see everyday

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Egyptians who wrote their messages by hand, knew how to mark their writing. We do not see this in our daily lives. The only writing of our modern lives is, indeed, in our hands.

Handwriting in writing, we write what we say

How could we know we were writing what I say? We could. If somebody wrote a message on his or her fingers, or his thumb, he or she would be writing what he or she was saying.

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But, in order to truly write what we say, we must not only see and know what we are saying, we must also know our own handwriting, which is written like our words.

It was the use of the Bible that brought this writing way back to Christianity, when they could be easily read by people

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