Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Pole Dance Classes Cost

Yes, with pole dancing classes at the community centre, and the dance studio in Eastland Mall, open everyday 8am till late. Students have the chance to try their skills with a full range of pole dancing moves and learn the basics of pole dance.

Is there a fee to have a pole class?

No, not at all. There is no booking fee, no extra work involved on your part, and there is NO cost to get out there and have a pole class.

Is there a limit to the number of lessons I can have at one time?

No, you can always change lessons at any time after classes have started.

Can I pay extra for private lessons?

No, we do not have private lessons.

What type of classes are taught at the community centre?

There are several different classes available, depending on our students’ interests and skill level.

What do we teach, and are there private lessons?

There is a mix of private classes and regular public classes depending on the students’ skill level.

Are pole classes all pole dancers who are proficient in a style of pole dance?

No, pole dancing is a free and universal sport. We also teach beginner and intermediate level classes in many styles.

How can I find out more about pole classes?

For more information:

The community centre is located at 1421 Eastland Mall in Vancouver, 1 block away from the community centre and Mall of Bays.

The dance studio is located on the main floor of the community centre, next to our outdoor pole.

Find out more at or at

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