Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Pole Dance Classes Atlanta Ga

Yes, but as a last resort. The number of people who would like to dance is tiny. My pole dance routine is something that most of the guys know and I have a special audience and that just isn’t happening. I’m not talking about women and I feel more awkward as an overweight woman, and there’s more pressure, both sexually and professionally.”

I’d like to see more “fat girls in pole-dancing” but unfortunately for me, I am no longer the exception.

My pole dance training started when I was 4, and at 16 I discovered the world of ballet. I was a bit of a freak until I got the chance to get into dance classes and, by 17, I was training weekly in Miami-Dade College’s dance program. It was in a small club, which wasn’t unusual for dance, and it wasn’t something I went to a lot. I went to Miami-Dade for two reasons: first, I wanted to be around dancers; second, I wanted to have fun, that was why I was a dancer. I’ve been in the dance industry for more than 15 years now. I work at a dance company in Miami, so I see how people are trained, and I try to mimic them. I love the dance community of the United States, but it’s a much different culture than it is around the globe. The way that we teach is different. Most dance studios in the US are more about how you are supposed to move than how you dance. In Europe or Asia, the focus is all in the steps.

There were very few Latin dancers competing in Miami-Dade at the time I was competing, so I was in a class with these beautiful Mexican girls. I fell in love with them and, after training the majority of the year with them, I saw my future as a Latin dancer. I went over to Miami-Dade to train full time, and one of the things I remember is that in classes they would show us different moves each day and, each time I did a particular dance, a different reaction took place. I remember when I did my spin on a wall I felt this very powerful energy from the gym and I could feel it all coming back towards us on the dance floor. What do you do next? Well, if I’d been an overweight girl, I would have walked out the door for sure. I was working a 40/30 job and I would have been broke, and the next place I would

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