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Yes. Some, like some gymnasts. Some, like women who don’t know how to balance. But don’t count on this. Pole and vault competitors don’t use sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s UV rays since the sun’s rays don’t penetrate their body, so it is simply not necessary. Some people are even known to have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer due to their skin pigmentation due to playing the sport. Do you think your skin will be any different? Not if you play pole dancing. Yes, Pole Dancing is dangerous. No, we aren’t going to make you do it for fun. We are going to make you do it for work and school. This is a form of health and safety hazard that should be taken extremely seriously regardless of your ethnicity or national origin.

What else is being done about pole-related skin cancer? Most of the time, if you are diagnosed with a skin cancer you will be treated at a dermatology office. This is because there are some very serious cancers on your skin and many more than that are hidden. We recommend that you seek assistance from an MD/MDH licensed in Dermatology during your treatment if possible. The results of a lab test will come back within 1 to 6 months. Most of the time this will show the type of cancer you already have. It may also show an area of skin that shows growth. If it is in a skin cancer spot, then you may want to refer to your dermatologist or ocular surgeon. While you are at your dermatologist’s office you may have blood samples (also known as bloodwork/DNA) done for a genetic test, if the results show you have a cancer, in which case you will most likely be referred to someone with skin cancer.

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Can I be a pole dancing professional if I have been diagnosed with cancer and I have started or will start a pole fitness program? Absolutely! Many pole dancers have cancer and then decide that they want to become a pole dancer. Because they choose to become a pole dancer they are entitled to be treated at the same medical facility as any other patient. Many patients are not. They were diagnosed and treated by other physicians, not by their doctors or the doctors they had been seeing before they chose to become a pole dancer. You may be in a position to start an effective pole fitness program if you choose, just contact us and we will make sure that you may.

What if someone is diagnosed with a skin cancer?

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